For Sale: 2003 Dark Blue Kawasaki Ninja 500R

I am selling my personal motorcycle. It is a Kawasaki model "EX500," markted as the Ninja 500R. It is in excellent condition mechanically, and very good condition cosmetically. I am the second owner. I bought the bike from a factory certified Kawasaki mechanic who was selling it on behalf of the origional owner. He went through the whole bike, gave it a tune-up and checked everything. 

I am selling it because I've bought an EX650. This is a wonderful bike and I'm sorry to see it go, but of course I don't need two bikes. It is light and small and very easy to move around. I've test riden many different sport-cruiser bikes, including Katanas and Yamaha YFZ's. This bike is much easier to handle than any of them. The steering weight is extremely neutral, the bike always seems to want to do exaclty what you want it to do. The seating position feels an inch or two closer to the ground and to the handlebar than on 600cc bikes, so this bike is really good for anyone smaller because you won't have to strain to plant both feet on the ground when moving it around a driveway or parking space.

Cosmetically the only issues with the bike are two small cracks on the fairing next to the windshield, a couple of small scratches, and two tiny dings (1mm) on the tank. I do not believe this bike has ever been dropped, but I can't be sure. The fairing cracks appear to be from a storage accident though, because there is no corresponding road-rash.



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